Violent Crimes

What are examples of violent crimes?

In New Jersey, violent crimes are the most severe violations of the law. Some examples of violent crime are armed robbery, murder, manslaughter, assault / battery, simple assault, weapons charges, and violent sex offenses such as rape. The offender in a violent crime must use or threaten the use of violence against his or her victim. The nature and severity of the crime determines the often strict penalties. These penalties may consist of lengthy jail time and a substantial fine.

Congress passed The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1994, which expanded Federal Law concerning violent crime. The Act appealed for intensifying the federal death penalty, as well as defining new crimes associated with sex crimes, hate crimes, and gang-related crimes. More types of people were banned from possessing firearms and crimes regarding immigration law were also redefined. With the increased federal focus on violent crime and its severe penalties, it is important to remember that representation by an attorney is a constitutional right. Contact a Bergen County criminal defense attorney immediately to ensure the best possible outcome from an allegation as serious a violent crime.

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The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsey can provide a defense that is knowledgeable, qualified, and aggressive. Facing extensive imprisonment, as well as fines and penalties can leave a person overwhelmed and scared. The sooner contact is made, the sooner a defense strategy can be formulated. Don’t wait until it is too late, as one’s future reputation, well-being, and ability to obtain employment are at stake. Immediate legal counsel is the only option for fighting the negative consequences that may come with a criminal conviction. When one’s future is in jeopardy, it is important to have legal assistance.

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