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Ben brings to the table both hard-skill and soft-skill expertise, with a thorough and complete understanding of the technical, legal aspects of an issue as well as a…
Mr. Kelsen recently represented my son in a criminal matter and got amazing results, better than we could have imagined! Now my son is getting the treatment he needs…
Mr. Kelsen took my ticket and information and was able to negotiate for no points on my driver’s license as well as a reduced fine. I have been very pleased with his work.

Bergen County Criminal Lawyer

Charged with a crime in Hackensack or Teaneck?

When facing criminal charges, taking action immediately in retaining the services of a skilled Bergen County criminal attorney can make the difference between a conviction and freedom. Any serious criminal charge is dangerous to your future, and your attorney stands between you and a conviction in most cases. The skill with which your case is presented in court can be the pivotal factor in whether you are acquitted. Not all legal professionals have the oratory skills to present a case to a jury—regular people—and increase the reasonable doubt. The prosecutor has the “burden of proof” in any trial. Our attorney has the opportunity to aggressively challenge the evidence against you, cross examine witnesses, and to present a compelling defense. Even a DWI charge could be successfully defended when you have a committed, hard-hitting and talented lawyer fighting for you.

Our firm provides professional, committed legal representation to clients facing all types of criminal defense cases, including but not limited to DWI and drug crimes, such as possession and sales. Drug crimes are a widespread problem throughout the country and the penalties are harsh to discourage against committing these crimes. Even prescription fraud has become harshly penalized and individuals from all situations can find themselves at odds with the law. Officers may be quick to make assumptions before understanding the whole story and we are there to defend your side. We also handle cases relating to federal crimes and white collar crimes, including embezzlement, RICO charges, and Internet crimes. These can come with significant penalties, and due to the increased occurrence of online crimes, more efforts are being put in by officers to prevent against it.

The Law Offices of Benjamin G. Kelsen also provides unparalleled legal representation for:

  • General Counsel Work
  • Mediation
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Real Estate

Serving Hackensack, Teaneck & All of Bergen County

Whether you are facing your first criminal charge or you have found yourself to be repeatedly in trouble with the law, our firm is ready to evaluate your case and determine the best defense strategy. We understand that your case will need extensive investigation and thorough analysis to bring a successful outcome, and we will do everything that we can to ensure that this occurs. At our firm, we operate differently than larger firms with the intention of taking on as many clients as possible. Instead, we work with clients on a more personal basis to ensure that no piece of evidence is missed or a stone unturned.

You can trust your most urgent criminal matters to our legal team. We also take on cases related to sex crimes, including sexual assault and rape. Our team handles violent crimes such as addition to assault and battery, along with theft crimes, juvenile crimes, and solicitation. Strong defense is needed if you are going to avoid having you future altered by the influence of a conviction. We are ready to fight in a number or circumstances and we have successfully defended many of our clients dealing with life altering consequences from a conviction for child abuse or a felony violent crime. We also offer post-conviction relief for clients, including appeals and expungement.

You should know exactly what the consequences of a conviction are and why you should hire an attorney. We represent clients facing indictable charges of all types. No matter the particular severity of your charges or the concerns you are dealing with, we are confident in our ability to provide sound guidance and aggressive representation in order to help you make the right choices about your case. With the resources to carry out a tailor-made plan of action in your defense, we will seek the best possible result on your behalf.

Handling Both Federal and State Charges

The two justice systems are completely different, with different penalties, laws, prisons and personnel. Knowledge of both state and federal laws is vital for a criminal defense lawyer, as the accused could face charges in either area. We are proud of our outstanding record in defending criminal charges. We are often called in to assist other attorneys who have taken on a serious case and need the backup of a skilled criminal defense lawyer for their client. You can come directly to the source and contact our firm. You can be assured that we will aggressively pursue every option for your defense, and are committed to providing the highest quality defense for your case.

Fighting to defend our clients is our absolute focus. We provide personal legal services, with the intense attention to the case that is needed when hoping to seek out a viable defense for serious criminal charges. The initial action is to ensure that your rights are protected in the process. We advise that you stay silent in any questioning until we arrive. If you are under investigation, contact our firm before engaging in answering questions. This can be critical with regard to the outcome of your case and cannot be underestimated.

Contact a Bergen County Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime in the Bergen County area, including Hackensack and Teaneck, it is absolutely vital that you consult with a seasoned criminal defense attorney immediately. Upon having charges filed against you, the prosecutor and other investigators will immediately begin collecting evidence in their favor. If you do not have sound legal representation, you may not be able to defend yourself in court.

At our firm, the legal team can conduct a thorough investigation into your criminal accusation in order to properly assess the charges and the situation as a whole. Once we have scrupulously examined every detail, we can move on to build an aggressive defense on your behalf. As a firm well known for their reputation of tenaciously defending their clients in court, we are the legal representatives you will want to have at your side in such a time of need. Contact a Bergen County criminal attorney from our firm for aggressive and proven legal representation.

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