Defending Criminal Cases in Teaneck

When facing a criminal accusation, the actions you take immediately after your arrest can make a difference on the outcome of your case. If you contact a Teaneck criminal defense lawyer at once, you increase the possibility of a positive result. Early involvement in the case allows you to ensure your rights are protected; in some cases, with fast action taken on your behalf the charges can be dismissed before formal charges are filed. Other cases will require a trial, and it is critical that you have an attorney that has the talent to present a compelling case in court.

Not all lawyers have this ability, even with an extensive understanding of the law, and failing to do so has a bad effect on juries; they need the information about your case presented by your defense to heavily impinge on them and be memorable in order to increase the reasonable doubt that you are responsible for the crime. A Teaneck criminal defense lawyer from The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen has the talent to make a lasting impression on the jury on your behalf. This is often the best chance of an acquittal in any serious criminal charge.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Teaneck

If you are facing criminal charges, whether in federal or state court, or are under investigation for such a crime, it is crucial that you remain silent until your attorney is there to protect you. Under duress, statements can be made that affect your case negatively. Our firm will relentlessly protect you in the questioning process, and if you discover you are being investigated for an indictable charge, you must enlist legal counsel from our firm before the case proceeds any further. Questioning usually results in an arrest within days, if not sooner, and you risk your future if you are interrogated without an attorney.

Our firm provides high quality legal counsel and criminal defense in all types of cases, including but not limited to appeals, DWI, drug crimes, possession, sales, prescription fraud, expungement, federal crimes, sexual assault, rape, assault and battery, theft crimes, juvenile crimes, solicitation, child abuse, violent crimes, white collar crimes, embezzlement, RICO charges, and internet crimes as well as serious indictable charges.  What are the consequences of a conviction? Your life can be forever altered, and your future destroyed. Take action and contact our firm today.

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