Internet Crimes

Charged with an Internet crime in Hackensack?

The use of the internet has greatly increased the number of law enforcement task forces at both a state and federal level, seeking out those who are using the internet in the commission of crimes. These crimes vary widely including embezzlement and other financial crimes, identity theft, other theft crimes and many varieties of white collar crimes. Any accusation of an internet crime is reason for serious concern; the penalties you could face if convicted can include time spent in the federal penitentiary as well as extremely high fines and possible loss of assets, based on the case.

Those crimes involving banks are federal crimes, including bank fraud of any type. When internet sex crimes are the accusation, you may be facing federal charges as well, depending upon the evidence and what you are actually accused of. Unfortunately, many of these cases are based upon computer evidence that has been planted, or in cases in which another person or persons had access to the computer in question. It is vital that you act quickly if you are accused of such a crime, and contact a Bergen County criminal defense lawyer that is familiar with defending these complex cases.

Internet Crime Defense in Teaneck & Hackensack, NJ

Whether accused of hacking, fraud, pornography or another internet related crime, we can assist you in determining your best course of action for your defense. We are often called in to assist other law firms in these complex cases, and you can simply retain our legal services without going through another law firm. We are proud of our outstanding commitment to our clients, our creative defense efforts, our resources to bring to cases and the abilities to present a compelling defense case in court.


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