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Located in Bergen County, the city of Garfield holds a population of over 30,000 individuals. This is a wide mixture of families and people from all walks of life that have chosen to make their home in the state of New Jersey. The city was first started in 1873 and was changed from East Passaic to its current name, after President James Garfield. Since its original development, the borders of it have changed and while it was at one point considered a borough, it officially became a city in 1917.

The area of it is around 2 square miles and a small portion of this is occupied by water. The city was reportedly comprised of around 8,000 families and 11,000 households based on a Census that took place in 2010. Of this population, about 76.7 percent is white, African Americans make up 6.5 percent and Asians account for 2.2 percent. Many of the homes in Garfield are made up of married couples and about 33 percent of them have children that live there. The 1923 Municipal Manager Law is used to govern the town with a five member Council and a City Manager being in charge. The Garfield Police Department is made up of around 55 officers that have taken an oath to protect the area and it can be found at 411 Midland Ave Garfield, NJ 07026.

Charged for a crime in Garfield, NJ?

If you have been charged for a crime, whether it is a DWI, rape, violent crime or more, our team at The Law Offices of Benjamin G. Kelsen ESQ., LLC is prepared to defend you. Criminal charges can lead to immense effects and you can be left to deal with jail time, probation, expensive fines, the loss of your license and even the addition of a mark on your criminal record. You do not want to be penalized by the court and left to suffer the consequences of a conviction. Being found guilty can remain with you long term.

After a sentence is served, there can still be remaining effects, such as a probation period, the crime showing up in background checks that are run by a future employer and some types of crimes may require that you can’t live in certain areas or will need to register whenever you move. Our firm has extensive experience fighting charges and we can take on all phases of a case from the initial investigation to the trial. We begin with our own investigation to find any information that can work in your favor. While the prosecution will be seeking to put you in a bad light, we will make every effort to offer strong criminal defense against their allegations. If you are accused of committing a drug crime, assault, theft or a white collar crime, don’t wait to retain the services of a capable defender as soon as possible.

Our Garfield criminal defense lawyer will find out the details of your case and get started as soon as possible to develop e defense. We are strong negotiators and will seek this as an option to see if we can work with the other side to come to an agreeable resolution for our clients. If this cannot be done, then we are forceful fighters that take to the court room with unrelenting persistence. We can also offer a valuable service for those that have already dealt an unfavorable verdict to seek appealing the matter when the outcome may have been unfair. Furthermore, for those that have been convicted and already served there sentence, a criminal record can continue to be a haunting mistake. An expungement is a great option that can be sought to remove the conviction from your record so that it will not be open knowledge to the public.

Aggressive Defense in Garfield Criminal Charges

We aggressively fight charges of child abuse, embezzlement, RICO charges and more. For those that are dealing with the reality of a misdemeanor, felony or federal charge, any of these can lead to damaging results. It is always our goal to have charges reduced as much as possible, including having them dropped altogether and the name of our client cleared.

Start protecting your future by speaking with a member of our team. One way that you can do this is by filling out a free case evaluation form and including the details of your situation. Our staff will review this and be in touch with you soon. When you want to defend your future and your rights, The Law Offices of Benjamin G. Kelsen ESQ., LLC is a firm that you can depend on.

Don’t wait to contact a Garfield criminal attorney from our legal staff to protect you against a conviction.

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