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When the criminal justice system fails, there are individuals who face imprisonment merely through a miscarriage of justice. Whether the case involved an attorney who failed to take the necessary action to defend the case, jury misconduct, a violation regarding discovery, a judge who imposed a sentence too extreme considering the charges, or other matter that must be addressed we advise you to contact a Hackensack criminal defense lawyer from The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen.

We have the legal skills to present an appeal that is well researched and drafted, increasing the possibility that you will get another trial. Many attorneys will never do appeals, as it takes extensive research into prior case law, proving the miscarriage of justice and other matters that take time, energy and a deep knowledge of law. We have provided this service to other legal firms over the years, and are recognized as some of the most diligent and talented legal firms for filing an appeal.

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Once we review the documentation and determine what actually happened in your case, we can advise you how to proceed legally. It is vital to act quickly; there is a short window of opportunity in which to file an appeal, and much work to be done before the case is brought to the appellate court. We know exactly how such cases must be presented, and will diligently produce a compelling appeal, fighting for justice on behalf of our client. How these appeals are presented has a significant impact on the decision of the judge regarding a new trial or a request for a lesser sentence. Our hard work and diligent study of applicable case law is crucial with regard to whether the appeal will be successful.

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