Why Hire a Bergen County Criminal Lawyer?

If you have been arrested anywhere in Bergen County, you may be confused on the proper steps to take next. Fortunately, a law firm providing high quality representation for clients charged with virtually any type of crime has stepped forward to inform you on why you should hire a Hackensack criminal lawyer.

  • A criminal defense attorney can secure your freedom. After an arrest has taken place for an act you did not commit, you may believe that the justice system will work itself out and you will be released. Unfortunately, the story does not always fold out that way. By having an aggressive legal representative at your side when you take your case to court, you may be able to prove your innocence and procure your freedom.
  • Your legal representation can advocate your best interests. Without a skilled Bergen County criminal defense lawyer at your side, you may slip through the crack in the tough criminal justice system. Your attorney can inform you on the proper statements to make and when to refrain from speaking if it is in your best interest and can help secure your freedom.
  • Your rights will be protected. When working with a criminal defense attorney from our firm, you can rest more easily knowing that we will always protect your rights at any cost, whether you are charged with DWI, drug charges or a violent crime. We can make sure that any evidence brought up against you was not found in an unlawful manner. If the evidence was found illegally, then it may be thrown out along with the entire case.
  • Your attorney can fight for lowered charges or have you acquitted. If you choose to work with a lawyer at our firm, we may be able to fight on your behalf to have your charges lowered or dropped altogether. With dropped charges, you can officially say that you are free of a conviction.


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