What Are the Consequences of a Conviction?

Many people connect conviction of a crime with being lectured by a judge and being locked up in a cell for a short or long period of time. The reality is far grimmer. Being convicted of a violation of the law in New Jersey can have a serious effect on the rest of your life whether you go to jail or not. A Bergen County criminal defense attorney at the firm has an in-depth understanding of how to present the best defense with the greatest likelihood of a positive outcome.

Conviction of some offenses such as DWI, DUI and drug crimes will, in addition to possible incarceration, result in loss of driving privileges for periods of several months to several years as well as large fines. Fines for some offenses can range up to $500,000 on top of other fees and monetary costs. Other penalties include restitution, probation, rehabilitation, community service, and potentially even deportation.

A conviction on your criminal record will be permanent and can show up on a background check. Colleges, prospective employers, landlords and lending institutions very often do a background check on applicants. Conviction of a criminal offense carries a social stigma which can damage your standing in the community and affect your professional reputation and success. With the assistance of a talented defense lawyer with the firm it is possible that vital evidence against you will not even be admissible in court.

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The legal team takes an aggressive approach to building a defense strategy and uses to best advantage every legal tool available to get charges dropped or arrange alternatives to conviction. The firm has an impressive record of successfully helping numerous clients throughout Bergen County, Teaneck and Hackensack. Call The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen for a consultation with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer right away.

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