Theft Crimes and Penalties

Depending on the amount of property stolen, the charge for a theft crime in New Jersey can range from a misdemeanor charge to a felony. If the value of the stolen property is above $75,000 or the property was taken by extortion, it can be considered a second degree charge. A second degree charge is punishable by up to ten years in prison and a fine of $150,000. A third degree theft charge of a property that exceeds $500 but is less than $75,000 can result I up to five years of prison and a fine of $15,000. Property theft worth more than $200 but less than $500 is considered a fourth degree crime and is punishable by up to 18 months in prison and a fine of $10,000. Anyone facing theft charges should immediately speak with a Hackensack criminal lawyer to learn about the options they have to protect their future.

Theft Defense Lawyer in Bergen County, NJ

Theft crimes involve the taking of property without permission or authorization. There are a number of effective defense strategies that can be utilized by an attorney in order to lessen the penalties and charges. In some cases, the evidence of the crime was improperly obtained and the charges are dropped once the defense attorney demonstrates this to the court. Law enforcement is not perfect and they do make mistakes. Theft crimes can often bring penalties of jail time, fines, probation, parole, community service and a permanent criminal record. If the individual is given a mark on his or her record, he or she will find great difficulty in obtaining the job of choice or even a loan. Many employers will not hire someone with a theft crime on their record. The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen can help those that have been arrested for a theft crime. The firm has helped many to avoid a conviction.



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