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Prostitution refers to the act of giving sexual acts in exchange for money or something of value. Prostitution and solicitation are charges that can be brought against those soliciting sexual acts or those performing them. The penalties for conviction of a sex crime are severe in the state of New Jersey. Although prostitution tends to be a less serious sex offense, the penalties are still life-altering.

If convicted of prostitution or solicitation, the individual will be made to register on a list of sex offenders that anyone can see. This can permanently damage the reputation of the individual and his or her ability to get a job, a loan, and where he or she can live. It is imperative to hire a Bergen County criminal defense attorney from the firm if accused of solicitation in the state of New Jersey.

The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen have helped many to overcome these serious charges. If wrongfully accused of prostitution or a victim of entrapment, the attorney hired can have a profound effect on the case. The firm has been assisting those accused of solicitation for nearly a decade. Attorney Benjamin Kelsen has assisted many in state and federal courts.

Fight Against Criminal Charges of Solicitation in Hackensack, NJ

In New Jersey, prostitution can be defined as the offer of sexual activity or the acceptance of sexual activity in exchange for money. If someone makes an offer of sex and asks for something in exchange, he or she can be charged with prostitution. In addition, if someone accepts an offer of sex in exchange for something valuable, he or she can be charged. In New Jersey, the offense of prostitution is charged under the same statute. A skilled attorney can help those facing prostitution charges and uphold their rights in a court of law. Contact the firm today to learn how they can help you!


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