RICO Charges

Charged with a violation of the RICO Act in Teaneck?

RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) violations are federal offenses related to organized crime activities. The types of offenses that are charged under this federal statute include crimes related to gambling, homicide, kidnapping, extortion, bribery, arson, pornography and drug crimes. They can also be charges related to counterfeiting, fraud, slavery, money laundering or a long list of other white collar crimes that are deemed to have been related to a corrupt organization, including gangs or others. How federal investigatory units choose to determine whether to charge under the RICO act can be subject to question, as many are accused of violations that are not involved in any organized crime activity. It is crucial that you get immediate legal representation if you are facing a RICO violation, and a Bergen County criminal defense lawyer from The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen can help.

Hackensack RICO Crime Cases

Law enforcement can become overzealous in certain cases; they have often been found to have overstepped the bounds of the law in search and seizure, or other critical aspect of the laws of our country. When this is the case, bringing this matter to the judge to suppress evidence will be done at once. Any crime accusation should have all evidence, police reports, procedures and details fully evaluated in order to determine our best course of action legally.

As these cases often have complex situations and evidence, including accounting or financial documents, it is necessary to have the support of an attorney that is recognized in having skill in the area. Our firm has the highest quality legal representation and outstanding commitment to our clients and their freedom. We urge you to contact us if you become aware that you are the target of a federal investigation, or if you have been arrested in any such case.

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