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Have you been accused of rape in Hackensack?

Rape is a sad reality in the society. Sadly, many people are accused of committing this deplorable crime when they are in fact innocent. A rape accusation can be enough to lose one’s reputation, one’s job and even one’s family. Even when individuals are given a “not guilty” verdict, the accusation can be enough to ruin their reputation forever. Facing rape charges can be extremely upsetting and daunting. It may seem as though there is no hope or fear of facing a wrongful conviction may be paralyzing.

A Bergen County sex crime attorney should be contacted immediately if facing rape charges in New Jersey. A highly trained lawyer can help get an acquittal for his or her client. It is important to hire an attorney that knows how to skillfully handle the delicate situation of a rape charge. Law enforcement and the prosecution will do everything in their power to convict one charged with rape. In such a case, one’s only real hope is an aggressive and experienced attorney that will uphold their client’s constitutional rights.

The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen have helped many clients to overcome serious sex crime charges including rape. Mr. Kelsen has been practicing criminal law for over a decade and has helped many to obtain the desired case outcome.

Protecting the Rights of the Accused

One of the reasons why it is so important to have the assistance of an experienced attorney is his or her ability to suppress the evidence where it is warranted. In some cases, the evidence was not handled correctly by law enforcement or even testing laboratories. An attorney can review the mishandling of the evidence and may be able to get the charges dismissed if the evidence was wrongfully used. Rape is charged as a felony and the penalties often include: prison, fines, probation, registration on a list of sex offenders, and more. New Jersey comes down hard on rape offenses and generally punishes them more severely than any crime except murder.

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