Prescription Fraud

What is prescription fraud?

In the so-called “war on drugs” there are many victims. One is the patient who has become addicted to a medication prescribed by a physician. When a physician fails to recognize and treat addiction but simply refuses to renew another prescription the patient may become desperate. An individual who resorts to getting prescription drugs using falsified prescription forms is committing a crime and is facing serious charges. If you have been arrested, or indicted for or received a criminal complaint concerning obtaining prescriptions by fraud or forgery your first step should be to consult a Hackensack criminal attorney. Our team has successfully represented numerous clients throughout Teaneck and Hackensack.

Prescription Fraud Lawyer in Hackensack, NJ

New Jersey law is very strict about possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription, prescription forgery prescription fraud, and prescription drug sale and distribution. Even though you may have transgressed the law purely for your own use, a prosecutor may add charges for crimes you never intended to commit. Conviction can carry fines of thousands of dollars as well as incarceration and other related penalties. A prescription fraud lawyer can defend clients accused of prescription fraud for all manner of controlled substances including Suboxone, Percocet, Percoset, Diazepam, Vicodin (Hydrocodone), Ritalin, Oxycontin, Percodeon, Xanax, Buprenorphine, Morphine and Methadone.

Each client’s case has unique factors and circumstances which require a creative approach. You have rights which the firm will not allow to be violated. To fully understand the charges against you talk to a criminal defense lawyer at the firm who will work closely with you to mount an effective defense. Prosecutors are not usually interested in jailing a defendant for a drug crime which stems from an addiction to a medical drug. An aggressive defense lawyer at the firm can assist a client who qualifies to have the court accept rehabilitation as an alternative. Call The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen for a consultation and begin building your defense strategy.


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