New Strategy for the War on Drugs

For every state the regulations on drug crimes can differ. It is a difficult problem to tackle and new implementations are commonly initiated in attempts to deal with the expansive effects. State government in New Jersey has executed many strategies in attempt to push the war on drugs. One of the reasons why it is an issue that has been held with such great importance is that many who become addicted to drugs may commit crimes in seeking to feed their addiction or as a result of their drug use. Each year, tax money is spent on the effects caused by those with drug addictions or by those selling drugs. A war on drugs is not only good for the general safety of the state, but may have positive results economically.

Governor Christie of New Jersey has sought to take a new route in looking to deal with the drug crimes issue, seeing that past implementations have not always been successful. Through a new approach, he announced Thursday that rather than sentencing those convicted of a drug offense to jail, they would be required to enter into treatment thus vacating jail space that could be used for more serious offenses. Those that are charged with a smaller drug crime would be evaluated to determine if they need treatment, an option that is currently voluntary rather than mandatory. This new plan would be effective in all 21 counties.

They are currently still waiting for the approval of the legislature. The governor stated that the reasons for his new plan came after witnessing the high number of crimes caused by drug addiction and the beneficial effects of the Drug Court program carried out in New Jersey that has assisted many to recover and not face similar convictions in the future. If you are dealing with a drug crime charge yourself, our Bergen County criminal attorney is here to assist you. Contact a Bergen County criminal lawyer from our firm to defend your rights.


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