Indictable Charges

Charged with an indictable offense in Hackensack, NJ?

In New Jersey, the law defines the most serious crimes as “indictable offenses,” although many still refer to such crimes as felony offenses. These crimes are charged at a specific level, from 1 – 4, with 1st degree being the most serious, including crimes such as murder. Indictable offenses are crimes such as serious theft crimes, sexual assault, arson and other very serious offenses, all of which include extensive prison time as part of a punishment if convicted. When facing such a criminal charge, your actions immediately after the arrest are critical. The first and most vital action is to contact a Hackensack criminal lawyer from the Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen. We have the experience, courtroom talent and commitment to our clients you need when facing an uncertain future.

Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer for Indictable Charges

If you or a loved one is facing accusations of one of these serious criminal offenses, it is vital that you contact our firm at once. We are often brought onto serious indictable charge cases managed by other law firms, but you can contact us directly to access a skilled defense lawyer that has the depth of understanding of the criminal justice system required when defending an indictable charge.

The first step in defending any serious criminal case is a full review of the evidence that has be gathered against you. How the evidence was obtained can also be a pivotal factor; there are frequent violations of rights when law enforcement gets overzealous in their desire to make an arrest. If this is the case, we will be filing a motion for dismissal based upon the fact of illegally obtained evidence.

We must determine how best to serve our client in defending their case; we are fully cognizant of the penalties that will be suffered if a conviction is achieved. We take on cases committed to providing the highest quality, well-researched defense case to the court. Our skills and talents in the courtroom environment have been recognized throughout the courtrooms in the area. It is a known fact that the skill of your attorney at trial can have a big impact on the outcome of your case.

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