How Can I Expunge My Criminal Record?

As you may or may not be aware, any time an individual is arrested for a crime in New Jersey, that arrest along with any conviction, will go on his or her permanent criminal record. This means that even if you are not convicted, or the charges against you are eventually dropped, the information pertaining to your arrest will remain on your record until it has been expunged or until your record is sealed. When a person’s record are expunged, he or she will be legally able to state that he or she does not have any arrests or convictions. Even a thorough background check will not uncover an expunged record. Juvenile records do not necessarily need to be expunged as they are automatically sealed in the state of New Jersey. In this way any indiscretions or lack of judgment you had as a minor will not be able to have a negative impact on your adult life. There are unique circumstances in which a juvenile record may be “unsealed,” but those situations are rare.

Adults with a criminal record may request their record be expunged if they are able to show clear evidence that they have lived a law abiding life and are deserving of an expungement. Time is also a factor in determining whether or not an individual’s criminal record qualifies for expungement. Certain crimes cannot be expunged from your record. A DUI is a violation of the vehicle code, not the criminal code, and will show on your DMV record as opposed to your criminal record. Crimes such as sexual battery, rape, perjury, domestic violence and most felony offenses cannot be expunged. Having a criminal record will have a negative and long-lasting effect on future employment, particularly if you have been convicted of a serious felony offense. Your past criminal record may also play a role in any future arrests or convictions. If you are seeking an expungement, allow our firm to review your situation and advise you about what could be done. There are a variety of ways that an expungement could be achieved, particularly if you have lived a law abiding life for many years since an arrest or conviction many years in the past.

At The Law Offices of Benjamin G. Kelsen, Esq. LLC, we work closely with our clients to help them resolve all their legal matters in a timely manner. When you contact our firm, an experienced Bergen County criminal defense attorney will be able to review your criminal record, advise you as to which arrests and/or convictions are eligible for expungement, and help you prepare the documentation needed. We will also work diligently, on your behalf, to expedite your expungement application so the process is completed and you can be free of the burden of an arrest or conviction in the past. To get started, contact our firm today.


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