Federal Crimes

Federal crimes are a serious matter. If one is being investigated, he or she should speak with an attorney immediately. It is best to involve an attorney as soon as possible rather than wait until it may be too late to build a strong and effective defense case. Federal offenses are usually investigated and prosecuted far more aggressively than a state crime. It is important to choose an attorney that has an extensive background in federal criminal defense. The FBI will be prosecuting anyone that is charged with a federal crime. Usually, there is ample evidence gathered before the trial even begins. A Bergen County criminal defense attorney from the firm can build a strong defense for their clients and ensure that all the proper precautions are taken.

Have you been criminally charged with a federal offense?

It is extremely important to hire an attorney that will aggressively fight for their client’s rights. Many attorneys do not like to take federal cases and may shy away from them. The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen has helped countless clients successfully overcome federal charges and move on with their lives. Facing federal charges is extremely scary. It is important to have someone that is experienced and knowledgeable at one’s side. The firm has helped many facing the following types of charges:

  • Tax evasion
  • Counterfeiting
  • Drug crimes
  • Fraud
  • Kidnapping

The firm has been assisting clients with criminal cases for almost a decade. Attorney Benjamin Kelsen has vast experience in both state and federal court systems. If an individual is being charged with a federal crime, chances are the FBI has already gathered a large amount of evidence against that person. Only a highly skilled criminal defense attorney can ensure that those accused of a crime will have their rights upheld in court. The attorney one chooses to represent them will have a profound effect on the case outcome.

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