Should you expunge your record?

A prior conviction can continue to be an obstacle throughout your life. Licensing Boards for nurses, contractors and other professions routinely run background checks on applicants. Lending institutions, landlords, colleges, employers and prospective employers may deny an application based on the results of a background check and in some cases you may never learn the reason. A Bergen County criminal defense attorney routinely sees clients concerning expungement requests. The legal team at the firm assists clients in Bergen County, Teaneck and Hackensack to get records expunged.

Expungement Lawyer in Hackensack, New Jersey

Most people know that a juvenile can request the court expunge a record of a youthful indiscretion. Arrests as well as convictions remain on a person’s record unless expunged. Very often there is incorrect information contained in a person’s criminal record which can have an injurious effect. When a person is arrested, charged with a crime and later found innocent this information will be on the individual’s record and although there was no conviction, can still have a detrimental effect on that person’s future.

Even though convicted of an offense, if a certain amount of time has gone by and you can show reformed behavior you may be eligible to request expungement of prior convictions. There are some exceptions such as DUI, DWI, traffic tickets, kidnapping, perjury and sex crimes involving a minor. Even if you live out of state now, an experienced expunge lawyer at the firm can research your record, gather the information needed for your application and proceed on your behalf.

Once a record of an arrest or conviction has been expunged, a background check will turn up no criminal record and you can legally state that you have not been arrested or convicted. Doing a background check on existing employees and new applicants is becoming more commonplace all the time. As a result requests for expungement are multiplying. To find out if you can qualify call The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen and speak with a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

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