Charged with embezzlement in Hackensack?

If you are being accused of embezzlement, or are under scrutiny in an ongoing investigation, it is critical that you act quickly in contacting a Bergen County criminal defense lawyer from The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen. These cases are frequently based on evidence found on computers, or in accounting documentation that can be altered or have been accessed by many individuals other than the accused.

We have access to forensic accountants and computer forensics experts that can bring evidence to court to diffuse the situation, increase reasonable doubt and defend the client throughout the process. Not all legal firms have the knowledge related to these complex crimes and how to successfully bring a compelling defense to court.

Embezzlement Defense Lawyer in Teaneck or Hackensack, NJ

Facing accusations of embezzlement is a serious matter, and requires that you immediately retain a defense lawyer with the skill to develop a defense on your behalf. Some cases allow for negotiations to avoid criminal charges altogether, but each case must be completely reviewed to determine our best course of action.

This should take place early in the case, and prior to an arrest if you are under investigation. It is advised that you contact our firm at once if you are asked to answer questions from investigators regarding any financial crimes. We will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process, and help you to avoid the pitfalls that can occur when federal investigation teams engage in questioning. Many embezzlement cases are federal crimes, and the investigatory teams could be FBI or other top law enforcement agency.

These interrogations can be frightening, and the skill with which they are conducted can lead you to making statements that could damage your case in the future. Any investigation regarding a financial crime usually quickly follows with an arrest; you can assume that the interviews are simply an effort to gather more evidence to convict you. We will stand firm in protecting your rights and make every effort to fight for your defense and negotiating on your behalf.


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