Drug Crimes

What are some common drug crimes?

The reason there is a war on drugs is that people once addicted to a drug become enslaved by it. In order to obtain money to continue taking a drug, some addicted people agree to engage in some form of criminal activity. This might be cultivation of marijuana, manufacturing drugs, prescription fraud, distributing drugs, possession with intent to sell, drug trafficking, theft crimes including robbery, burglary, and other drug related crimes. The majority of persons currently in prisons and jails were convicted of a drug crime or drug related crime. A Bergen County criminal defense attorney at the firm has many years of experience in protecting client’s rights and fighting for positive outcomes throughout Bergen County, including Hackensack and Teaneck.

Drug Crime Lawyer in Hackensack, New Jersey

New Jersey drug law allows for long prison sentences and enormous fines upon conviction of a drug crime. Under some circumstances your property may be seized. Prosecutors in New Jersey are determined to punish anyone they consider is involved in the drug trade, as is their mission. An individual in possession of a small amount of drugs for personal use only may find himself facing a charge of possession with intent to sell with other exaggerated charges tacked on.

Under these circumstances, don’t try to talk your way out. Anything you say to an investigator will be used against you to provide more evidence of guilt in court. A drug crime lawyer with the firm can investigate the circumstances of your arrest, identify any deviations from standard procedure or violations of your rights and use this information to your advantage. In recent time, thinking has evolved from punishing a person for non-violent drug crimes to helping the drug dependant individual become free of the need to use a drug. Logically, if you remove the need to commit crime the person will not reoffend. Very often rehabilitation is a more effective answer than prison. The legal team at the firm will explore your options with you and work with you to create an effective defense strategy. The goal is to keep you out of prison.

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