Do I Need an Attorney if the Accusations Against Me are False?

While it is true that false accusations are made all the time, that doesn’t always mean that the court is quick to believe that this is the case. In our country we are supposed to be viewed as innocent until proven guilty, but there are often formed opinions even before a verdict is made. You may very well be innocent, but the court might not believe that. If anything, it is even more important that you turn to a professional who will fight for you. You don’t want to be faced with serious penalties for a crime that you did not even commit.

You may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and now you are dealing with the consequences of a crime that you were not involved with. An attorney has the experience in these cases to know what to look for. They can conduct an investigation to look for key evidence that could clear your name. They can speak with witnesses, review if police misconduct occurred and look deeper into issues that seem promising. False accusations can be made for any type of crime and false convictions can be made as well.

You want to work with an attorney to potentially increase your chance at defending your freedom and clearing your name. Whether this is done through the negotiations process or your attorney has to go to court, they can argue on your behalf and aggressively seek the best possible outcome. It may seem simple to show the court that you are innocent and to represent yourself but this is actually a great risk that you may be taking, and depending on the charges that you are faced with, it is one that could have a substantial impact. Call 201-692-0073 today and speak with a Bergen County criminal defense lawyer about your case.

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