Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate law pertains to a wide range of issues, activities, and transactions that involve commercial structures used for business purposes. These structures include office buildings, retail outlets, malls, apartment complexes, hotels, entertainment venues, and all other types of business-related buildings as well as raw land that is scheduled for development. Contracts are an intrinsic part of commercial real estate law; such contracts can be extremely complicated and extensive.

Commercial real estate transactions generally involve large investments, which is why those involved should be represented by an attorney experienced in this area of law. You will want to ensure that you fully understand your legal rights, obligations, and duties. In the matter of contracts, you will want a contract that protects you and that is enforceable. The role of the real estate attorney is even more critical in the field of commercial real estate. Leasing and rental disputes are common occurrences and may require professional mediation to ensure the best possible outcomes for all parties to the dispute. Evictions and tenant complaints can also result in litigation and court appearances.

Our real estate capabilities include:

  • Buyer and Seller Representation
  • Closings – Local, Mail Away and International
  • Lender Representation
  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating leases and contracts
  • Assisting investors and purchasers in Due Diligence
  • Re-zonings
  • Variances / Special Exceptions
  • Property Entitlements
  • Commercial Code Enforcement
  • Lien Mitigation

Our firm combines well-honed litigation skills with a deep understanding of complex commercial real estate transactions. We represent all sectors of the real estate industry in litigation involving all types of commercial real estate, including industrial properties, office buildings, hotels, malls, shopping centers, storage facilities, recreational developments, agribusinesses and more.

From transactional assistance in structuring deals to minimize the potential for future disputes, to litigation when disputes arise, we develop creative strategies to yield effective solutions to the most complex situations your business may face. We develop personal and lasting relationships with our clients. We remain focused on your specific needs and desired outcomes, keeping you informed regarding ongoing developments in your case.

The experienced litigators at The Law Offices of Benjamin G. Kelsen understand the stress that often comes with litigation and the distractions it can create for our clients. We facilitate the structuring of the mundane to the most complicated commercial transactions throughout New Jersey and we aggressively litigate when necessary.

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