Child Abuse

Criminally charged with child abuse in Hackensack?

It is not uncommon for someone to be wrongfully accused of child abuse. The allegations can be devastating to the life of an individual. Child abuse charges can bring serious negative effects that last a lifetime. The best chance of avoiding a negative scenario is contacting an experienced Bergen County criminal defense attorney immediately. Those facing child abuse charges could lose custody of their children and custodial rights.

In some cases, the person accused of child abuse will continue to have trouble finding a job and taking advantage of opportunities for the rest of his or her life. Some will have to add their name to a list of sexual offenders. This list is viewable by anyone and shows the individual’s full address. In some cases, concerned neighbors will actually force the sexual offender to move out of his or her home. The embarrassment and alienation suffered by those accused of child abuse is often unjust. The Law Offices of Benjamin Kelsen have helped countless clients unjustly accused of child abuse to overcome their charges.

Protecting Against Allegations of Child Abuse

These allegations should not be taken lightly. Only a highly experienced and knowledgeable attorney can truly defend the rights of those accused of child abuse in court. Without hiring an attorney for their protection, those facing these charges are putting their future and the future of their family in jeopardy. Child abuse charges are penalized severely and without the proper legal assistance one could easily be facing years in prison, large fines, lengthy parole and more. Wrongful allegations can be far more than hurtful once the court becomes involved. Being innocent of the crime is often not enough to avoid a conviction. No one should ever rely on luck when it comes to their future.

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